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Hello gorgeous! I can’t believe I get to say this… welcome to my blog!! After years of debating if I should start a blog, I finally decided that the time has come… no more excuses… no more letting perfectionism get in the way of launching this site. So here it is… presenting the one the only Pretty Little Hangers dot com dun dun dunnnnn! No but really- navigate through, click on icons, leave me comments or your feedback and all of that fun stuff!
So you’re probably wondering who I am?
My name is Britney and I adore all things fashion and the little guy that will most likely appear in a ton of my photos is my pooch Winston (sorry in advance if dog photos are not your thing).
This is a site where you can find the latest fashion trends, outfit inspiration, my interior design picks, decorating ideas, beauty hauls, delicious recipes and so much more!
I am thrilled to launch Pretty Little Hangers and archive the pretty little things that excite me most in life. I am thankful for each and every one of my readers and can only hope that this blog enriches your lives in the slightest way. Please join me on my journey and help make Pretty Little Hangers your destination site for the latest in fashion and lifestyle trends.
Thank you so much for reading PLH.  Enjoy!

Check out my welcome video below:


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