I Played Never Have I Ever with my Mom

But friends with benefits means like you know, its like more then fixing things. They like fix those cobwebs in your spots that have cobwebs.

Have you ever played the game Never Have I Ever? If you’re unfamiliar with this game maybe you opt’d out of a fraternity party in college or passed on cottage hangs up north with a group of friends. Never Have I Ever is a drinking game that involves asking a series of questions. If someone has done the question they respond by drinking.

My mom and I decided to play Never Have I Ever to keep ourselves entertained during quarantine. The first couple of questions were relatively PG and then the questions slowly progressed to a level 10 of awkwardness.

One of the most memorable moments filming this video with my mom was the Never Have I Ever had a friends with benefits question. My mom has always been the type of mom who is not only a cool mom, but who is also a very matter of fact type of mom.

When I was in high school she was very informative and transparent about topics like sex and abstinence. The sex talks came rolling in when I was 15 years old, and no detail was spared. Forget about learning things in health class, my mom provided all of the deets and did not shy away from explaining what 69 means too. Let’s rewind back to 2005, I had all of the non- pg rap songs burnt on a CD which my mom heard thus prompting the infamous 69 convo  (very cringeworthy). Did your mom have these types of convos with you?

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I mean the sex talks came rolling in when I was fifteen years old, and no detail as spared not even a quick explanation of what 69 means was left out.

I’m so happy my mom and I had the opportunity to film this video together. I discovered a few new TMI things about her which were a hoot. I also learned a lot from this experience like my mom is probably more fun than I am, but in the end the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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I Played Never Have I Ever with my Mom