Everything You Need To Know About EFT Tapping

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When you focus on the emotion or stressor while saying affirmations out loud and tapping you are rewiring your bodies reaction to it and neutralizing the energy.

EFT also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique is an alternative healing practice for anxiety, stress, pain and emotional blocks. With so many people struggling with mental health post pandemic turning to different wellness techniques like EFT tapping to manage stress has risen in popularity.

Why is Emotional Freedom Technique gaining in popularity? “You feel results from [EFT] instantaneously, and then as you implement it into your routine the results will become more permanent,” says mindset and abundance coach, Reese Evans.

Since we are a culture hardwired to desire instant satisfaction and gratification, eh hem hello social media, it comes as no surprise that a technique that delivers great results with 100s of studies backing it would be regarded with favour.

How does EFT Tapping work?

EFT uses a tap technique to clear negative emotions and energy out of the body. Using your fingertips tap on one of the nine acupressure points throughout the body (these points include but are not limited to: the collar bone, under the eye, under the nose, the sides of the eyes, outside of the palms, between the eyebrows) five to seven times to stimulate them. You can learn more about the tap technique Evans uses here.

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By doing this you are activating that neuropathway and energy system according to Evans. She goes on to explain that “when you actually physically tap on it you’re just sending a signal to the centers of your brain that are creating that emotion.”

Identify the emotion or problem while tapping and then reflect on how it’s making you feel. Then mindfully address the emotion or problem in a verbal statement but at the end of the statement say a positive affirmation out loud. When you focus on the emotion or stressor while saying affirmations out loud and tapping you are rewiring your bodies reaction to it and neutralizing the energy. A big part of it is your amygdala she says and neutralizing the antsy energy or the charge of energy. Once you neutralize or release the negative emotion remember to breathe in and out to fully grant the emotions the ability to dissipate or clear.

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Does EFT Tapping actually work?

 Research reveals that EFT tapping can work after one session. This may sound farfetched, but even Evans backs this theory stating, “when somebody is consistently using it as a tool everyday it desensitizes the visceral, emotional, and physical reaction of trauma.”  She uses the technique all the time and suggests implementing it in your morning routine, and if you are having a tough time coming up with good affirmation’s she encourages you to look at the opposite of the problem.

We are no strangers to creating a morning routine and love trying new wellness techniques and tactics and can’t wait to implement EFT tapping when we’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious. It’s time to regain our ability to get focused and reset when needed.

Reese Evans is a mindset and abundance coach and founder of Yes Supply. Yes Supply is a coaching certification program that combines the tools and techniques Reese has used to transform her life. Learn more about Reese and the Yes Supply Method here. 


Would you try EFT Tapping?

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