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Vest: H&M, old (similar style) | Turtleneck: Majestic | Leggings: Aritizia |
Boots: Winners (similar style) | Purse: Chloe | Sunglasses: Ray-ban


My collection of faux fur continues to grow each season, and with so many options flooding the market can you blame a girl? If you love the look and feel of real fur, we can easily agree you’ll love faux fur too. Since faux’s are not much of a huge investment, try experimenting to find which style works best for you. One of my personal faux favourites is a chic faux fur vest.

If you haven’t found the perfect faux fur vest yet and are ready to invest in your first piece here are four things to consider when making your decision: length, color, texture and fit.

When selecting a faux fur vest choose what’s most flattering for your build. If you’re petite, I recommend a vest that lands just below your waistline to avoid shortening your stature. If you are pear-shaped, find a vest that covers your bum to elongate your body and compliment your curves. If you have an athletic figure, consider getting a vest that meets your knee cap and belt it at the waist to create an hourglass silhouette.

From shaggy weaves to fluffy goodness, there are many textures and colours to choose from when searching for a faux fur vest. If you want to pull off this look, the trick is to choose a bright color or even a patterned print and pair it with neutral tones. Otherwise, keep your fur neutral and you can pair it with just about anything.

Lastly, your faux fur vests should never fit snug especially if your intent is to layer pieces underneath them. Find a piece that fits and most importantly flatters your body, not one that either swallows you whole or makes you look like a blowfish.

 If you’re still hesitant about a faux fur vest, just consider the effortlessly chic look you can achieve on a regular basis with one staple item.

Will you wear faux fur this season? 

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