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Friday Faves Valentine’s Prep & Pamper Edition

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According to our calendars, this Sunday looks a lot like date night for a bunch of you babes out there. And if the idea of preparing for it has you wanting to crawl back under the covers, trust us when we say we’ve been there too. In fact, we’re pretty sure that the whole “I’m having the worst hair day, I have nothing to wear and I have a volcano-sized pimple on my forehead” predicament always seems to arise just in time to put a damper on our most important plans.

But while getting all primped and pampered for Valentine’s Day may seem like a painstakingly tedious process, we’ve thankfully got it all sorted out. On this week’s edition of the PLH Friday Faves, we’re giving you a quick rundown on everything we’ve incorporated into our date-night prep routine. Follow along for an effortless way to achieve a look you love, just in time for your rendezvous with the one you love.

1. Harper + Ari Valentine Bath Bomb

Got the pre-date jitters? Let them all float away with a dip in the tub and this adorable bath bomb from Harper + Ari. Each one is shaped like a chocolate bar, which allows you to snap off a couple of pieces and create a luxuriously scented soak filled with plenty of fizz. Whether you opt for the peach bellini-inspired scent of “Perfect Match” or “Love You”, which evokes the pretty perfume of cava and champagne – these bath bombs will have you indulging in the sweet decadence of some quality me-time.

2. NCLA Red Roses Lip Care Set

Kiss those dry lips goodbye with this handy little lip care set from NCLA. The rose-scented scrub works to exfoliate and hydrate lips, while the shea butter infused lip balm leaves them feeling kissably soft and smooth. Reach for this iconic duo and your pout will be perfectly prepped to pucker up – you know, just in case the chance to lean in for a midnight smooch presents itself.

3. Le Mini Macaron Rouge & Moi Gel Nail Polish Kit

If your fingernails could use a little freshening up, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this gel nail polish kit from Le Mini Macaron. From an LED lamp shaped like a French macaron, to four pretty polishes and a sparkly nail file, this kit comes with everything you’ll need to achieve a pro quality mani-pedi at home. The best part? It’s powered by a USB cord, so you can take it with you and plug it right into your laptop to get a marvelous mani whenever, wherever.

4. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

Don’t let the winter blues get you down! There’s still time to give your skin the gorgeous gilded glow that you’ve been dreaming of. We’re pretty sure that this little bottle is actually filled with liquid sunshine that’s been captured straight out of the sky itself. So if you’re searching for a way to look like you just returned from a sunny tropical beach vacation without ever leaving the comfort of your own home, simply add these drops to your favorite moisturizer and apply it to your skin. You’ll be looking like a golden goddess in no time!

5. Glossier Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream

Your skin will be feeling oh so soft and touchably supple after you use this daily perfecting cream from Glossier. With an antioxidant-rich mix of cactus flower, prickly pear and yucca extracts, this lotion will keep your skin moisturized all day without leaving any residue or stickiness behind. We also love the fact that it’s made with tiny light-reflecting particles and a brightening formula that will give your skin an instant, radiant glow.

6.  Love In Your Eyes Glitter Gel Eye Mask Set

Before you flirtatiously bat those eyelashes, give your eyes a little bit of rest and rejuvenation with this set from Anthropologie. Filled with glitter shaped like X’s and O’s, this eye mask can be cooled in the fridge to help de-puff and soothe the delicate areas around your eyes. The set also comes with a couple of adorable pink eye pads that can be placed under your eyes to minimize the appearance of dark circles.

7. Tarte Pearly Girl Vegan Teeth Whitening Pen

Need a way to prep those pearly whites for flashing your signature smile all night long? Look no further than this teeth whitening pen from Tarte. It’s formulated to provide an instant brightening boost while helping to protect tooth enamel for a visibly whiter appearance, even on sensitive teeth. The soft-bristle brush provides a quick and easy, no-mess application without any rinsing or wait time. The best part? With only natural-flavors and a patented calcium complex that works to break up dark spots and stains, you’ll get a hint of refreshing mint with each application. That’s definitely something to smile about!

How do you prep for date night?

xo, The Pretty Little Hangers Team

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Friday Faves Valentine’s Prep & Pamper Edition