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Friday Faves Influencer Essentials Edition

By Posted on 4 Comments Location: 4 min read

Have you ever thought about trying your hand at becoming a blogger or influencer? Maybe you’ve always wanted to show off your fierce fashion sense or break out your inner beauty guru on your own blog. Let us be the first to say, now is the perfect time to shoot your shot! 

For this week’s edition of the Pretty Little Hangers Friday Faves, we’re sharing everything you’ll need if you want to do as the influencers do and post like the pros. From the best camera for capturing those style shots, to the external harddrive with enough storage to store them all, you can consider this your definitive shopping list for all things social media savvy. Bloggers, influencers, and Instagram icons everywhere will agree, these 7 items are the essentials you’ll need to make slaying the marketing game a major breeze. 

  1. Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera  

First things first, you’ll need a way to capture all of that killer content. A quality DSLR camera, like this one from Canon, can make or break your ability to easily get a stunning snap. We love this one especially because it makes taking pro-level pictures a super simple feat. Not only does it feature a large sensor that will help you capture amazing results in a variety of conditions, including low light. But, it also boasts a nine-point autofocus system that will help you take the clearest possible picture. The best part? It also comes with two alternate lenses, so you can trust that you’ll get the right shot every single time. As far as cameras go, this one is picture perfect. 

2. Mountdog Ring Light Tripod  

Every influencer knows the importance of good lighting – and if you’ve ever spent over an hour trying to get the perfect selfie, chances are you do too. Now you can say goodbye to the days of having to wait for the right time to get that golden hour glow, with this tripod from Mountdog. Simply pop your phone or camera into the attached holder and use the 3 dimmable light settings to achieve the right lighting for capturing your content. Whether you’re taking a self-portrait or filming yourself for a TikTok, the bluetooth remote shutter will also make solo-shooting a breeze. And just like that, you’re ready for your close up!

3. Neewer Portable Reflector Kit 

Sure you’ve seen your favorite influencers post the perfect shot, but have you ever wondered what’s going on behind the scenes? Getting that gorgeous gram can sometimes be a little less than glam. Sometimes it takes a million tries and yes, a mini reflector kit like this one from Neewer. Reflectors can help you ensure that your photos are always well lit. For example, the gold reflector warms up the picture, while the black reflector blocks out any unwanted light. This kit also features a carrying case, so you can trust that your photos will be looking oh so profesh wherever you may wander.

4. Sony ZV1 20.1-Megapixel Vlog Camera 

Oh hey IIT (Influencer In Training), we can tell that you’re starting to get the hang of that whole photography thing! Ready to move on to creating video content? We know it sounds daunting, but with this vlog camera from Sony, getting the right shot will be super simple. We love the fact that this camera features a 20-megapixel sensor for capturing detailed pictures and videos, as well as movement stabilization for clear shots when you’re on the go. It also offers a full range of scene modes including everything from sports action to night scenes and even a pet portrait setting. So no matter what kind of footage you need to take, this vlog camera will definitely help you get it done. It’s like you’re practically a youtuber already! 

5.  Seagate External Hard Drive 

Now that you’ve captured some super chic shots and flawless video footage, you’ll definitely need a place to store it all. We’ve all gotten those pesky “storage full” notifications one too many times, but before you hit the delete button on that adorable selfie, simply upload it to an external hard drive like this one from Seagate. It features 2TB of storage and allows you to simply plug in the USB and drag and drop files in, whether you use a Mac or Windows computer. We also love the fact that Seagate offers one year of complimentary warranty and data recovery services for this hard drive, so you can store your files with more peace of mind. 

6. Prive Revaux Blue Light Glasses 

Did you know that too much exposure to the blue light emitted by all of our electronic devices can actually be harmful to our eyes? We were shocked to find out that it can damage the light-sensitive cells in our retinas, making us more prone to experiencing cataracts or macular degeneration as we age. Which is why when we stumbled across these fashion-forward frames with blue-light blocking lenses, we knew we had to add them to our carts immediately. Now we can scroll through our social feeds without sacrificing style or safety and trust that our eyes won’t be strained as we tweet, text or double tap away! 

7. Laptop Riser 

Of all the gadgets and gizmos an Influencer needs, this one might be the most underrated. For late nights spent typing away on the computer, this laptop riser is much more essential than you might even realize. Laptop risers can help bring your device to eye level, which prevents the strain on your neck and back that looking down at your screen causes. We love this one we found on Amazon because it’s made from acrylic, which is much sturdier than wood and lighter than glass. The clear design also makes it so that it can beautifully blend in with the decor in any WFH set up. 


Happy Blogging babes! 

xo, The Pretty Little Hangers Team

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  • Gabrielle
    January 29, 2021

    A ringlight is a fabulous form of lighting, that’s for sure – brilliant especially throughout the darker winter season too!

    aglassofice.com x

    • Pretty Little Hangers
      February 4, 2021

      It really is! It’s perfect for those days when the daylight somehow slips away from us. Thank you for reading, Gabrielle <3

  • Danielle
    January 30, 2021

    I am going to have to invest in some of these items!

    Danielle xx

    • Pretty Little Hangers
      February 4, 2021

      They’re so helpful! Definitely worth the investment

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