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Friday Faves Accessory Organization Edition

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Here at Pretty Little Hangers, we’re all about appreciating the details. We know firsthand that the right accessories can absolutely make or break an outfit – and that the best ones have the power to perfect just about any look. 

But if you’ve ever found yourself scrambling on a last-minute scavenger hunt to find grandma’s heirloom locket or your favorite part of hoop earrings right as you’re heading out the door, then trust us when we say you’re not alone. 

That’s why for today’s edition of Friday Faves, we’re sharing 7 Pinterest-worthy jewelry organization products that would make Marie Kondo herself proud. Check them out for a foolproof way to keep all of your pretty little things in place, right when and where you need them.

1. Buchannon Clear Jewelry Holder

First things first, babes. If there’s one thing we know about organizing accessories, it’s that owning a beautiful jewelry box might be just as important as actually owning beautiful jewelry itself. For us, storing our most treasured trinkets in a pretty place, like this glass jewelry holder from CB2, is an absolute must. This one caught our eye specifically because of its prismatic design, which we know we’ll be able to count on to not only reflect light, but also to provide an undeniable sense of retro glamour to any room.

2. Trigem Jewelry Stand

Get your organization skills down to a T with this T-stand from Target (pun intended!). It offers an effortless way to store and display each and every single one of your necklaces, no matter the length. The three bar design also provides plenty of space, which will keep your jewelry tangle-free and easy to spot. We also love the fact that the base doubles as a catchall tray, providing a safe spot for you to store even your most dainty bracelets, earrings and rings.

3. Colette Glass Jewelry Box

Put each and every single one of your accessories on display with this elegant glass jewelry box from Urban Outfitters. It features a tall, two-door design with brass hooks for hanging your necklaces and bracelets on. It also includes two pull out drawers, which offer the perfect place to store the tiniest trinkets that always tend to get misplaced. Now you can keep all of your stunning things in one stunning place!

4. Monogrammed Travel Jewelry Case

One thing we definitely do not miss about traveling often is packing – and with that, having to leave behind our most-loved accessories out of fear that they’ll get tangled up as soon as we look away. But now that we’ve stumbled across this travel case from Mark & Graham, we no longer have to worry about sorting out a jumbled mess of jewelry once we arrive at our destination. It features plenty of storage, with two removable drawstring pouches for bracelets and earrings, two compartments for rings and a middle compartment for necklaces. Not to mention it also comes in 5 different colors and allows you to customize it with an embossed monogram.

5. Stackers Jewelry Tray

If you prefer to store your jewelry in a drawer rather than on display, then you’ll definitely need a couple of these life-saving trays to help you keep things organized. Just slide out each one of  the expandable ends to fit your desired width, pop it into your drawer and use each one of the lined compartments to organize your accessories. We also love the fact that includes a plush velvet lining that’s designed to protect your jewelry collection while you store it.

6. Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Before you stow your accessories away for safe keeping, make sure they’re looking as shiny as ever with this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner from Amazon. Using only water, this machine will generate up to 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic waves and gently remove dirt and grime in just a few minutes. That means you can get professional quality cleaning results all from the comfort of your own home, no trip to the jeweler necessary!

7. Stackers Anti Tarnish Strips

Now that your accessories are spick, span and sparkly, the last thing you need or want is to have them tarnish while you store them. Luckily enough, these anti-tarnish strips from Stackers offer the perfect way to protect even your finest jewelry. Simply place a strip in each layer of your jewelry box and close the lid. Then just like that, the strips will work within the enclosed space to greatly reduce any signs of tarnishing.

Happy Organizing!

xo, The Pretty Little Hangers Team

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