Stumbling Along Podcast: Episode 56 The Reality of Being Your Own Brand

We live for a good podcast. In fact our morning routine would be incomplete without popping in our ear pods and listening in on informative conversations, and daily affirmations from people like Gweynth Paltrow and Jay Shetty. Celebrities, brand founders, and even influencers are tapping into a generation of people that want to filter through the nonstop information and focus in on expert insights by creating a podcast. With podcast culture on the rise and several podcasts to choose from, it can be tough to narrow down which ones to add to your list of favorites. We recommend starting with the roundup of our favorites here. This list still consists of some of our go-tos, but we’ve also expanded the list.

A new podcast we love is Stumbling Along. This podcast is hosted by two cousins in their 20s, Vicky B and Sammy Z, who discuss self-improvement topics like how to avoid burnout in your twenties, and how to land your dream job as a young adult. We’ve book marked a handful of episodes that we’ve gone back to like, “Money isn’t complicated: budgeting and investing with The Money Fox.” We’ve obviously taken budgeting very seriously here at PLH and recommend you do to. Your wallet will thank you later! You can check out our quick guide to budgeting here.

Our editor-in-chief, Britney, was a guest host on this week’s episode of Stumbling Along. She discusses the reality of being your own brand and spills the tea on all-things influencer related. Listen to the full episode here or press play below.

Follow Stumbling Along on Instagram and keep up with Vickey B and Sammy Z here.

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A Quick Guide To Budgeting
Stumbling Along Podcast: Episode 56 The Reality of Being Your Own Brand