Twin Flames What Are They And How Do You Know When You’ve Found Yours

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The quest for finding a “soulmate” is a rare feat., and lets face it if found, soulmates are not a sign sealed delivered lifelong deal. We often find several mates in our lifetime who come in for a reason or a season whether they are friends, family members or a romantic partner. Typically, seasonal relationships are meant to teach us valuable lessons in life.

Similar to a soul mate but with an energetic twist, a twin flame is a soul connection between two people. According to spiritual teacher Todd Savvas a twin flame is “your own soul, shared across what appears to be two physical beings. It’s one soul split into two bodies.” Twin flames are thought to be mirrored versions of themselves that often push one another to grow spiritually.

So how do we know if we’ve found our twin flame?

  • you feel comfortable and at ease
  • you feel an intense unexplainable soul connection
  • you feel as if you’ve known one another your entire life
  • you have a lot in common and are actually quite similar
  • the relationship can be romantic but also platonic
  • the relationship is usually challenging and healing
  • the relationship encourages your deepest insecurities to come to a head so that you can work through them and evolve
  • you find you keep coming back together after the relationship has been on and off

Have you encountered your twin flame?

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Twin Flames What Are They And How Do You Know When You’ve Found Yours