Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and due to COVID shaking up everyone’s daily routine, including mother’s around the globe, I think that moms deserve a little extra love and spoiling on May 10 this year. If your mom is anything like mine, then she probably insists she doesn’t need anything, and she might even want you to “shower” her with love instead- eh hem cue the eye roll. But if you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably disregarded your mother’s requests in the past, and they often go through one ear and out of the other. So since we are all on the same page about ignoring our mother’s persistent requests not to gift her anything on Mother’s Day, please allow me to help you narrow down the perfect gift to give your mom. Even if you are unable to spend Mother’s Day with your mom because of quarantine this year, you can still ship something special to her. Whether she’s not like a regular mom she’s a cool mom (that’s so fetch)  or she is so glam Andy Cohen could cast her on one of the Real Housewives series, or heck your Madre is Martha Stewart’s frenemy because she can throw down in the kitchen, the PLH team’s gift guide has got you covered.


The Trendsetter aka “The Cool Mom” 

The Top Chef 

The Glam Mom aka “The Realhousewife Mom” 

The Wellness Lover 


Also, since we are living in a pandemic, we thought supporting local businesses right now would be awesome too. So, if you live in Toronto, here are some local options to shop at for a quarantine surprise or post quarantine outing with your mom: Cocktail EmporiumHilary MacMillan | Virgil Greenhouses | San Remo Bakery | Cheese Boutique | Naked Beauty |

 Happy Shopping! 

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