5 Tips For Creating The Best Home Office

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We hate to utter the “O Word,” but sadly, this is the reality we face in 2022. Since most of us are still working remotely until the unforeseeable future due to COVID, we figure, why not transform our quote on quote spare room into a home office space.

We understand that you may not want to invest a ton of money into a home office but having a comfortable and productive work environment is essential. Even if you start working on a hybrid system and go into the office two to three days a week, you will have the option of coming home to a beautiful space to work in when you do ‘wfh.’ So how do you create the home office of your dreams? You keep scrolling and add some of these office essentials to your space.

#1 The Desk & Chair Combo

The desk and chair combination maybe two of the most important factors when designing a home office space. These furniture pieces will get the most use since you’ll likely be spending most of your time at your desk answering emails and taking calls. Choose a desk that makes sense for your needs. For instance, do you think you’ll require more storage space with a ton of drawers, or would you prefer that the desk be light and airy with a glass tabletop to make the office feel spacious?

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Next, you need a great office chair. Two of the most important things to note when searching for an office chair are support and comfort. An ergonomic chair may be super comfortable but may not ooze sex appeal- yes, furniture can be sexy. So if comfort isn’t your primary concern, opt for a stylish chair that matches the space’s décor instead. We would invest in a comfortable chair to make our workday more productive and enjoyable.

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#2 The Décor & Theme

Picking a décor theme for a home office can be challenging. Since you’ll likely spend the majority of your time in your at-home office, the goal is to make it inviting and functional. The first step is to try to lock down a décor theme. Do you prefer minimalism, rustic charm, ultra-glam, or another aesthetic? This decision will help you determine what décor items, furniture, and color scheme to add to the space.

Décor Themes:
1. Modern – If you’re more of a modern contemporary gal, then you may want to keep your office light and airy. Play up the natural light in your space by adding reflective elements like glass and mirrors and keep textures minimal with organic color schemes. Add a piece of bold abstract art or a curvilinear sofa to the space to make the room feel more inviting.

2. Rustic Charm- Having a cozy vibe is crucial in a rustic office space. The comfier the office, the more the creative juices will flow. A rich wood desk and leather statement chair are critical elements in this design style. Stick to a neutral color palette and add layers of texture with woven rugs and fringed pillows. Lastly, incorporate office greenery to improve air quality and focus.

3. Ultra glam- Let your chic style shine when creating a home office space that is ultra-glam. Think art deco furniture with white lacquer finishes and accent wallpaper or bright, bold paint colors. Dramatic pendant lighting and tufted accent chairs will make the room feel sophisticated and plush.

#3 Office Supplies

Office supplies are a must, and essentials such as pens, a stapler, and paper clips are non-negotiables. Stock up on some of these necessary items to complete your at-home office space. From desk accessories to candles and lumbar pillows, these are the office items that will make your home office more comfortable and efficient.

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#4 Good Lighting

Lighting is so important when decorating a home office space. Good lighting can help increase your productivity and levels of focus, whereas poor lighting can reduce your energy. Incorporating a mix of ambient and accent lighting is the key to a well-balanced lit office space. Accent lighting draws attention and makes a statement, whereas ambient lighting illuminates the room.

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#5 Laptop & Printer

These electronics are no brainers and should be on everyone’s at-home office checklist.

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    Such great tips sweetie!

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5 Tips For Creating The Best Home Office