How To Plan A Virtual Girls Night In

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Of all the things that we miss most about life before quarantine, our nights out with the girls are definitely at the top of the list. Is it just us or does it sometimes feel like everything that’s going on in the world right now could be solved by the chance to gossip with our best gal pals over a few fruity cocktails and every single overpriced appy on the happy hour menu? 

Of course, with all of the rules and social distancing guidelines that have been put in place as a result of the ongoing pandemic, it can be easy to believe that our GNOs are a thing of the past. But, we’re here to make it known that a night with your girls is definitely still a go, as long as you keep it virtual. And in times when staying home is synonymous with staying safe, there could even be a few silver linings to bringing your girls night out back in. After all, what could be better than trading in your highest heels for your fuzziest slippers?

We’re sharing 3 ideas to inspire a fun and festive night in for you and your girls. So raise your glass and toast to ringing in the holiday season with your best babes in some of the best ways.

Merry Movie Marathon

holiday movie night set up
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Nothing gets us into the holiday spirit quite like watching a bunch of cheesy Christmas movies in a row. Gather your girls on Zoom, cozy up on your couch in your matching PJs, and queue up a marathon of your favorite films. Web browser extensions like Netflix Party or Kast allow you to watch together and chat while you do! 

If you’re unsure of what to stream, here are a few of our favorite festive flicks to get you started. For a bit of nostalgia, add How The Grinch Stole Christmas to your queue. Or, if you’re a sucker for a good holiday rom-com like we are, there’s The Knight Before Christmas and A Christmas Prince – which are both equally cheesy in their own right. 

Don’t forget that it wouldn’t be a proper movie night without some snacks and sips to indulge in once you hit play. Our recommendation? Add a dash of cinnamon sugar to your popcorn for a sweet and seasonal treat. Or, add a candy cane and a bit of Bailey’s to your hot cocoa, if that’s more your style.

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Self Care Sesh

lucite drawers with beauty products

Chances are your regular pampering appointments have been postponed for awhile, which makes now the perfect time to partake in some good old jolly TLC. Using a girls-night as an excuse to squeeze in some much needed self-care? You can count us in! Besties that self-care together stay together and that’s a fact.

When it comes to rest and rejuvenation, we’re firm believers in the idea that you should pull out all the stops. So break out your sheet masks, your lip scrubs, and all of your nail polish because you and your girls are about to indulge in every single bit of beautifying bliss that the holiday season has to offer. Start by converting your living room into a little at home-spa, then let the full on facials and pro-level mani pedis commence. Don’t forget to incorporate the holiday theme by lighting some scented candles, opting for products that come in festive varieties, and by painting your nails with Christmassy colors.

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Secret Santa Happy Hour:

champagne flutes with Christmas tree in background

We know first hand that it’s a little easier to have a glass half-full outlook when your glass is actually half full. And if you’re as ready to raise a glass to the end of 2020 as we are, who says you even need to hit the bars? This virtual get together is BYOB and whether you bring your own booze or your own boos, that’s all up to you!  

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Once the drinks are flowing, pair the prosecco with a present exchange and you’ve got yourself a Secret Santa Happy Hour that even the Grinch himself would want in on. While organizing a virtual gift swap may seem daunting, it’s actually super simple! All you have to do is get each of your guests to pop their Secret Santa gift in the mail early so that they arrive in time for you to open them together on Zoom or if you’re pressed for time, Amazon Prime your gift to your bestie within 1-2 days. It’s the perfect way to make sure your girls leave girls night with a little something more than just the buzz from the bubbly and the merry memories you’ve made together.

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Which virtual girls night would get you into the holiday spirit?

xo, The Pretty Little Hangers Team

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    Oh I loved this so much, such great ideas !!

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      Thank you so much, Shannen! So glad to hear that you loved it.

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