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How to Prevent Maskne

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naturopathic doctor Jamie Lyn Rezoski

Since face masks have become a standard part of our everyday lives, the skin on the lower portion of our faces is adjusting to this newfound covering. If you’re like us then you may be experiencing a few breakouts along your cheekbones as a result of longterm mask wearing. Enter the term maskne, acne that results from wearing a mask, another skin condition you may have to address moving forward. Trust us, we get it, dealing with acne is not fun, but we strongly encourage wearing a mask especially if you’re indoors. But don’t fret we chatted with naturopathic doctor, Dr. Jamie Lyn Rezoski, and found out everything you need to know about maskne and how to protect your skin from these pesky breakouts in the future.

1.What is maskne and what causes it?

Maskne is the term for acne around the nose and mouth due to wearing a face mask. Masks tend to trap moisture, oil and bacteria in the skin causing irritation and clogged pores.

2. How can you treat maskne?

My favourite way to treat maskne is with LED light therapy. I use a combination of blue light, for its anti-bacterial properties, and red light, to soothe irritated inflamed skin. Another great way to treat maskne is using the right skincare products.

3. How can you prevent breakouts from a face mask?

The most important way to prevent maskne is choosing the right mask. Look for a mask that is loose-fitting, breathable, washable, anti-microbial and cotton. The masks that I sourced for me and my patients are lined with silver. Silver is anti-microbial and anti-fungal to protect the skin from breakouts. The loose fit allows the escape of moisture. Another great tip, skip the makeup from cheek bones down when wearing a mask.

For all inquiries about the masks lined with silver you can reach out to Dr. Jamie Rezoski here.

4. What are other skin conditions that can result from wearing a face mask?

Maskne is actually an umbrella term for the cause AND the aggravation of dermatological problems consisting of perioral dermatitis, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, heat rash and cystic acne.

5. How can people protect their skin under a face mask?

My best secret yet… the best way to protect your skin under a mask is zinc cream. Here is my theory on this one. Maskne is basically the same as a diaper rash (a hot, moist environment caused by a fabric strapped to your skin). I figured if I treated maskne the same way as you treat diaper rash, it could help. The main ingredient in diaper rash cream is zinc. It just so happens that the main ingredient in some natural sunscreens is zinc. Every morning, I apply a zinc barrier cream (which is also my sunscreen) before applying the mask and it truly helps avoid the angry looking skin at the end of the day.

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6. What makeup products would you recommend using if wearing makeup is unavoidable right now?

I truly believe that avoiding makeup from the cheek bones down is crucial to avoiding maskne. If you aren’t wearing the mask for long and want to wear makeup, I would stick to clean brands with less irritating chemicals. EWG’s Skin Deep is a great resource for this.

7. What skincare products help combat maskne?

There are a few active ingredients that I like to use when formulating creams for my patients who suffer with maskne. The key is to kill acne without being too harsh on an already inflamed area. Here are my favourite ingredients:
Niacinamide: brings down redness and inflammation
Salicylic acid: decreases oil production
Lactic acid: gently exfoliates sensitive skin without being abrasive
Squalene: a powerful anti-aging antioxidant to rejuvenate the maskne damage
Retinoids: if the acne becomes severe and cystic
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8. What daytime skincare routine would you recommend to prevent maskne?

The ideal daytime routine for maskne skin would be a gentle cleanser (no harsh ingredients like SLS), light-weight & oil-free moisturizer, finish off with a layer of zinc cream. Avoid makeup in the perioral area.

9. What nighttime skincare routine would you recommend to prevent maskne?

The ideal nighttime routine for maskne skin would be the same as daytime routine, however, I would add a toner with BHA/ AHA. Never forget a deep hydrating eye cream before bed!
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10. When should you consult with a dermatologist?

Consult a dermatologist if the maskne persists, spreads or gets worse. Topical or oral antibiotics may be necessary at this point. If you have a severe allergic reaction, patch-testing may be important to know which fabrics or products you’re reacting to in order to eliminate it.
Dr. Jamie Lyn Rezoski is a certified Naturopathic Doctor who has a special focus in dermatological and hormonal optimization. Learn more about her skin and wellness tips on her blog, www.drjamielyn.com and her Instagram page, @drjamielyn.
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