7 Bedroom Essentials You Need For A Better Sleep

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Daylight savings ended a few weeks ago, and we’ve noticed a shift in our sleep patterns as a result of the time change. Getting eight hours of sleep in every night sounds simple, but to be fair research shows that sleep disturbances are quite prevalent especially amongst those that suffer from anxiety.

Sure, we’re all working through our anxiety on a daily basis, but experiencing anxiety inducing thoughts right before bed will not only make you toss and turn at night, but these unwarranted ideas can also diminish sleep quality and effect cognitive function the next day. Other long term effects from a lack of sleep include mood swings, poor concentration and low productivity. That’s why creating a space that feels like your personal sleep oasis is so important.

 So forget counting sheep until you fall asleep these are seven things we’ve implemented in our bedrooms to alleviate sleep problems and promote a better quality sleep.

  1. Essential Oils/ Diffusers 

Lavender and eucalyptus scents instantly melt away stress from the day and put us in an ultra-calming state. We are currently obsessed with this programmable diffuser that emits the essential oil of your choice at certain times throughout the day. If you’re new to the world of essential oils and have allergies we recommend testing each scent in store before committing to a new aroma in your bedroom.

  1. Quality Mattress Choosing a comfortable mattress is probably one of the most important decisions in adulthood. According to sleep.org, these are the factors you should consider when you’re sourcing the perfect mattress
  • support (do you prefer firm or soft)
  • material (do you prefer memory foam, latex, polyfoam or a hybr
  • are your needs being met (do you need back support, do you get hot when you sleep)
  1. Weighted BlanketWeighted blankets provide a similar feeling to receiving a loving hug and can calm your nerves. According to the sleep foundation organization, weighted blankets can stimulate the effects of deep pressure touch which “uses firm, controlled pressure to induce feelings of calm.” Studies reveal weighted blankets improved sleep for people with generalized anxiety disorder and reduced feelings of fatigue, depression and anxiety.  
  1. Pillow Spray- We know what you’re thinking, another step to do before we jump into bed- ew! But trust us reaching for a pillow spray and spritzing takes one minute to do and will instantly make yoy feel relaxed and ready for a proper snooze. The National Sleep Foundation reveals that your sense of smell is connected to the emotional center of your brain which means certain calming scents can result in relaxing chemical release in the body thus aiding in your sleep quality. There are a wide variety of pillow spray options on the market, but this one is our favorite. This spray has a blend of Lavendar and claims to provide temporary relief for sleeplessness.
  1. Melatonin Gummies– This natural sleep aid is always on hand especially when we are jet setting around the globe. Healthline states, “melatonin is responsible for regulating your body’s circadian rhythm which is the internal clock that manages your natural sleep cycle.”
  1. Noise Cancelling MachineLet’s face it falling asleep with noise interruptions is challenging. City horns, your partners snores- oh my! It may be time to get a noise cancelling machine. This sound machine has 16 different sound selections and are clinically proven to help you sleep through the night.
  1. Black Out CurtainsExtra light peeking through your windows at night may be keeping you awake. Try this quick fix- black out curtains. Black out curtains will make your space feel cozy and increase melatonin levels which can aid in falling and staying asleep.
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