5 Ways to Maintain Your Summer Glow This Fall

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 Vitamin C is a well-tolerated ingredient for most skin types- even people with sensitive or redness prone skin.

Fall officially starts tomorrow and you know what that means it’s time to start layering looks and adding pumpkin to your Starbies drink of choice. Even though the month of transitions is locked and loaded we are not ready to say goodbye to our summer glows just yet.  

Curious how we plan to keep our glow throughout the fall? Keep scrolling to uncover how you can maintain the summer glow you’ve worked so hard to achieve over the coming months.

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1.Hydrate- Hydration is one of the most important contributors to healthy glowing skin. Drink plenty of fluids and steer clear of alcohol and fast food. If your nickname is usually camel like ours it may be easier to track your water intake by using water bottles with time trackers like this one.

 2.Face Cream- Most topical vitamin-c products aid in glowing skin and a more even looking skin tone. “Vitamin C is an antioxidant that brightens dark spots, reduces inflammation, and protects the skin from harmful UV rays and future skin damage.” Add a face cream that’s loaded with vitamin c like this one to your fall skin care line-up to maintain your summer glow. Burki’s intensive face cream contains 15% vitamin C and has other ingredients like aloe vera and reishi mushrooms. According to Dr. Herschthal , “ vitamin C is a well-tolerated ingredient for most skin types- even people with sensitive or redness prone skin.”

3. Self Tanner- Getting our daily dose of vitamin D was a top priority this summer, but we made sure we practised safe ways to tan by applying layers of sunscreen, exfoliating our skin, and keeping it moisturized. Now our goal is to recreate a natural looking summer glow this fall. Enter Vita Liberata’s clean self-tanner. Apply the product evenly on your skin with a mitt to reduce the chances of transferring the product onto your hands. These are the reasons why Vita Liberata’s self-tanner is gaining popularity: its blendable and buildable, the foam is light and blends into the skin, and the product is not sticky and does not leave a residue.


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4.Bronzer- Face it your summer tan will start to fade so why not prepare ahead of time and up your bronzer game. From matte bronzers to shimmer alternatives we don’t discriminate. Stay sun-kissed this fall and brush on a lightweight bronzer like this one on the apples of your cheeks and anywhere else you thinks needs a pick-me up of color.

5.Green Tea- We noticed a huge difference in our skin after drinking a cup of green tea daily. Not only is our skin more luminous but the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties aid in collagen production and helps combat early signs of aging.

How do you maintain your skins glow in the fall?

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5 Ways to Maintain Your Summer Glow This Fall

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