3 Natural Ways to Reduce Bloating

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We’ve all been there before… you eat something that aggravates your stomach at dinner causing you to unbutton your jeans while you wait for dessert- grr! Bloating not only hits at the most inopportune times but it’s also uncomfortable, quite common, and can cause major frustration. That’s why we want to help you prepare to tackle your food baby when the time comes and to leave the cute “buddha bellies” for Buddha once and for all.

These are three natural things you can do to reduce bloating and get your gut health back on track.

  1. Exercise

Yes besties, exercise is the answer to all of our problems. Does that mean we want to have a sweat session at the gym every day? Not necessarily! However, if we want to say buh-bye to the chaos inside our bellies after eating pizza we are unopposed to doing a few torso targeting exercises from the comfort of our homes for 5- 10 minutes each day. Cross body mountain climbers, Russian twists, seated twists, and walks are just a few exercises that will help move some of the built-up gas in your digestive tract which helps reduce bloat.

  1. Take a probiotic

 Having a balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut is so important. Probiotics are very effective for digestive health and bloating. What are they? According to Healthline, probiotics are living microorganisms that keeps harmful bacteria in check. Look for a probiotic that has more than one strain and a healthy amount of CFUs and then slowly introduce them into your diet. These are our go-to probiotics of choice right now.

  1. Fennel Seeds

We are no strangers to one of Italy’s most popular vegetables fennel. Research reveals, fennel is used in traditional medicine for digestive issues. Now we understand why our family crunches on fennel after a meal. Fennel seeds are also extremely helpful with bloating due to their anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. We add them to our salads or chew them on their own.

*Please keep in mind that what may work for one individual won’t necessarily work for you. Please consult with your physician before introducing new supplements into your diet*

Happy gut = happy life!

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  • Danielle
    November 12, 2021

    I needed to read this blog post!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

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3 Natural Ways to Reduce Bloating