Get the Lowdown on one of Toronto’s Newest Medical Spa’s D Luxe Lab

After walking through D-Luxe’s grand double doors, I was delighted to visit a medical spa that felt bright, elegant, and very luxurious. A friendly staff member greeted me and immediately took my temperature, a safety protocol D-Luxe practices to diminish the risk of spreading COVID. Afterward, she checked me in by confirming my appointment time and verified if I had filled in the clinic’s online COVID intake form. Once my check-in was complete, she offered me a drink from the spa’s finest selection of beverages- hello Kombucha!

She gave me a small tour of the clinic and instructed me to wait in the reception area, which I was happy to do since this space had an elevated interior aesthetic that was quite inviting. Entrepreneur and founder of D Luxe Lab, Dema Najjar, meticulously planned every detail of the clinic and perfectly executed the interior decor, which includes gold accents and a gorgeous hunter green couch.

After a short wait in the reception area, another staff member lead me into a consultation room. She told me a skincare specialist would see me soon. I was thrilled to have a thorough assessment of my skin completed by a skincare expert and came to the clinic prepared with a list of skin concerns and photos of the skincare products I use in my morning and night routines. I know this may seem like a very type-A thing to do, which is undeniable, but this also reaffirms that I am no stranger to beauty products and treatments. I’ve been battling breakouts since I was in my teens, and as a result, I have tested plenty of products and tried enough treatments to last a lifetime. I am usually a little skeptical about new skincare recommendations. However, after receiving an in-depth consultation with D Luxe’s skincare specialist, Vanessa, I felt confident in the customized plan she developed for me based on my current skincare routine, areas of concern, and age.

skincare specialist

Vanessa’s solution to the pigmentation and acne scars that are very apparent on my face was to focus on treatments that rejuvenate skin cells and collagen production. She assured me that non-invasive treatments like the Jetpeel hyperpigmentation treatment would be an excellent option for my skin. The patented jet stream technology can significantly diminish hyperpigmentation without needles or downtown post-treatment, which is a bonus. Most skincare specialists usually recommend combating my breakouts first and then focusing on the scarring afterward, but Vanessa suggested that by switching the focus to restoring the collagen in my skin and increasing the cell renewal could be more beneficial to the long-term health effects of my skin.

I was eager to try the Jetpeel treatment since I was in desperate need of rejuvenating my skin. I have always been embarrassed about my acne, and often try to cover up my scars with foundation. I am cringing after sharing this photo of my skin barefaced on the internet, but hey, I want to be completely transparent about my skin’s pre-treatment condition.

consult room

After I opted to try the Jetpeel treatment, Vanessa brought me to the treatment room. I signed a few waivers with Katie, a D Luxe Lab nurse, which included usual spa liability jargon, and then I was comfortably seated in the treatment chair, given a pair of goggles to place around my eyes, and earplugs to insert in my ears (this is a safety measure to ensure the pressure from the jet stream didn’t affect my hearing).

Before we started the Jetpeel treatment, Katie cleansed my skin, making sure to remove any natural build-up from my face. After Katie used the jet stream to start step one of the Jetpeel treatment, lymphatic drainage to oxygenate the tissue in my skin and stimulate facial micro-circulation (I felt very awake after this step). Step two included gentle exfoliation of my skin using an infusion of glycolic acid and aloe vera, which helps combat dead skin. Lastly, Katie infused serums like vitamin C into my skin using the jet stream to hydrate my skin. Once Katie completed the treatment, I noticed a vast improvement in my complexion and my skin’s brightness. I have never done a beauty treatment where the results were this significant after one treatment. 

Jetpeel treatment

Even though I saw immediate results post-treatment, D Luxe Lab recommends three Jetpeel treatments over a month to give clients optimal results. Whether you’re looking to combat your skincare woes like me with targeted pigmentation treatments, or you’re looking to enhance your features with injectables, D Luxe Lab has you covered. D Luxe is taking new client bookings as of October 1st. You can review all of D Luxe Lab treatments and book an appointment here.

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  • Natalia
    October 4, 2020

    Amazing! The decoration is so inviting!!

    Natalia |

  • Semra Ehrismann
    November 21, 2020

    Hi Britney,
    Nice review. D Luxe Lab really looks like a real nice medical beauty salon!
    Best, Semra |

    • Pretty Little Hangers
      December 16, 2020

      It really is such a nice salon! Thank you so much for reading, Semra!


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Get the Lowdown on one of Toronto’s Newest Medical Spa’s D Luxe Lab