Britney’s Favorite Acai Bowl Recipe

Are you new to the world of smoothie bowls? Allow us to introduce you to one of Instagram’s most aesthetically pleasing health food choices- açai bowls. Açai bowls are essentially thick smoothie bowls that consist of pureed açai berries and topped with fruit and other nutritious ingredients like nuts and seeds. Most bowls are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins like vitamin c and potassium. 

Research shows that the açai berry has several benefits like aiding in cognitive functioning, preventing cancer, and weight loss. Deliciousness aside, açai bowls are fresh and leaves you feeling full and energized. 

açai bowl

Britney’s açai bowl recipe is loaded with antioxidants, fruit, and all of her favorite toppings. You can recreate this simple recipe at home and add flax seeds for extra fiber or hemp seeds to up your protein game. Learn the step-by-step instructions on how to make Britney’s favorite açai bowl below. 

pretty little hangers mixed berry smoothie recipe

Are you an açai bowl or dragon fruit bowl fan? 

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Britney’s Favorite Acai Bowl Recipe