The Best Hair Masks for Damaged Hair

Hair care is oh so critical to me, and one of the top questions I get asked is how do I keep my hair from breaking off especially with color treated hair.

Trust me my hair has been through a lot of ups and downs over the years. Like experiencing an elixir of harsh chemicals and dyes, straightening with hot tools daily, enduring a number of terrible Keratin treatments (terrible and Keratin shouldn’t even be in the same sentence), and rewind to yesterday getting an awful color treatment done at a notable salon in Toronto (I’ve never cried so much in my life). But here we are and after waking up and realizing my hair is still the same color the best thing to do after all of these terrible hair experiences is to move forward and care for my newfound brittle hair using routines that keep it strong and healthy.

The older I’ve gotten, the more cautious I am about what products I use in my hair. There once was a time when I was using shampoo’s and conditioners with harsh sulfates and parabens (definitely a huge no-no for curly hair) and would buy drugstore brands that stripped each of my delicate coiled hair follicles of precious proteins. I’m not saying all drugstore brands are terrible, but it could take navigating through the overwhelming amount of brands available on the shelves to find what works for your hair texture and what will keep your hair healthy.

My hair care routine consists of using sulfate and paraben free conditioners, and I also apply a hair mask with keratin and Shea Butter once a week. After a summer spent traveling and being in the sun, pool and ocean my hair feels dryer and usually more damaged which is why adding one extra step to my hair care routine is so important. Shop some of my current hair mask favourites below.


Current Masks on Rotation:

I’m also really loving the natural hair care line, Gloss Moderne, available at Sephora. I instantly noticed a difference in my hair after I started incorporating Gloss Moderne’s Clean Luxury Mask into my weekly hair routine. This mask locks in moisture and makes my hair feel silky and hydrated. Some of the ingredients include cocoa butter, calcium, shea butter and I’m not hating it. You can find more information about the Gloss Moderne line here.

Any hair masks you’ve tried before that aren’t listed above? I’m always open to testing new hair products!

xo, Britney

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The Best Hair Masks for Damaged Hair