Mastering the Power Brow

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pretty little hangers applies brow gel wandIf there’s one thing I am thankful for it’s the fact that brow trends are constantly evolving and having thick luscious brows is all the rage right now- think Cara Delvigne type eyebrows on steroids. 

Say goodbye to the perfectly shaded brow, and hello to natural arches. Sure going natural sounds like it would be an easy feat but makeup artists reveal there is still some maintenance required to define and sculpt a natural brow. Though there are fewer steps involved and less definition, you should still consider these power brow guidelines if you want to perfect your brow game. 

Less is Always More:

The first step to achieving fuller brows is less plucking. Let your natural shape blossom again and reconsider reaching for that pair of tweezers to shape them. A pluck here and a pluck there, and you blink your eyes and suddenly you’re left with two lines above your eyes followed by booking an emergency microblading appointment (don’t even get me started on my hesitation about this procedure- it’s essentially a semi-permanent tattoo on your face- eek). If you must pluck your brows make sure you use a good pair of tweezers. I really love the Artestile tweezers and brow tools.

Book an Appointment at a Salon


I’ll never forget the first time I waxed my eyebrows. I felt like I was on top of the world and almost like a new women so to speak. I waltzed into my grade 8 graduation and boy did I receive a tone of feedback. I didn’t realize this at the time, but prior to waxing my brows they were shapeless and unruly. The salon helped shape my brows which ultimately helped define how they look today. 


If you have sparse brows and want to achieve a fuller brow look, tinting is a great alternative to consider. I’ve been a huge supporter of brow tinting, and love that the results look so natural. Tinting helps alleviate one less step in my makeup routine.

Filling in Your Brows:

If you don’t have time to book an appointment at your salon then these at-home steps are crucial to maintaining a power brow. Try cutting back on filling in your brows everyday. Personally, I find that the more I shade in my brows the more brow hair shedding I’ve experienced over the years. Granted, I have no scientific evidence to support my theory, but I do believe certain eyebrow products hinder hair growth resulting in patchy brows. If you decide to fill them in for whatever reason try making small brushstrokes with the brow pencil to achieve a natural look or use a brow gel or brow powder and brush the brow hair upwards- voila- hello Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen brows. Also, choose a shade that is a bit lighter then your natural hair color so your brows don’t look harsh. 

Below are some of the products I currently love for my brows. 

What are some of your favorite brow products?

Happy shaping xo, Britney

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