Everything You Need To Know About Soap Brows

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We’ve tried just about every eyebrow trend over the years, and we are so thankful that the preferred method of eyebrow styling is fluffy full-brows. Check out our guide to the power brow here.

After watching this Vogue video which includes the viral brow styling technique, soap brows, we knew that this classic makeup artist technique was too good not to share with you!

Like a laminated brow, but achievable at home at almost half the price, the soap brow will give you thick, wispy results. Just a heads up that the results may vary depending on your hair texture and what stage your brows are in before you try this styling technique. If your eyebrows are long and dark, you may have a leg up compared to someone with sparse and fair brows.

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Want proof? Then try this beauty hack yourself.

You can create fuller natural-looking brows by simply using a bar of soap, disposable spoolie, and water. First, wet your brush, then rub it across the soap and brush through your brows, sweeping them up and out to achieve that model-ish brow- voila! You are one step closer to attaining fluffier brows that will stay put throughout the day.

If trying the DIY approach isn’t your thing, don’t fret; some of our favorite beauty brands have soap brow products and waxed-based products like this one available on the market. So you’ll still be able to achieve groomed arches from the comfort of your home.

Have you tried the soap brow technique?

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Everything You Need To Know About Soap Brows