Backstage with Redken at NYFW

pretty little hangers at New York fashion week with Redken

Outfit Details: Pants: Sam Edelman | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Jacket: Nordstrom, (Sold out, similar style here)

NYFW was such a lovely experience this season that I am borderline considering moving back to the city for grad school. I had a few unfortunate events happen the last few times I visited New York, so I was turned off for a while, but I’ve fallen in love with the city all over again especially during fashion week. Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated times of the year in the fashion industry, and I love attending each season. I share all of the reasons why I am so obsessed with fashion week here.  

Instead of overloading my schedule with a tone of shows, and events this season, I was selective on what I attended and covered. This season I partnered with Redken and went backstage to the Taoray Wang show and Sally Lapointe show. I must admit going backstage is full of chaos, but it is also such a fun and exhilarating experience seeing what goes on behind the scenes before the show starts. In addition to getting a sneak peek at the hair and makeup looks up close, I also got a chance to discuss what the inspiration behind the show’s hair looks are with Redken lead stylists, Rodney Cutler, and Bob Recine. 

Rodney Cutler’s hair inspiration for the Taoray Wang show was 70s waves.  Last season Cutler says he used a lot of products and the hair was shiny. However, this season Cutler wanted to achieve a more modern hair look by creating a curl with a buckle on the cheekbone, and matte finish with Redken’s Fashion Work 12 hairspray to set the hair. He says the cascading curls are sexy yet understated and help create a more natural look. I am obsessed with the finished hair look and can’t wait to try to recreate these curls.

Redken Products used for the Taoray Wang Show:

Alternatively, at the Sally Lapointe show, Bob Recine chose to style the model’s hair using a couple of different Redken products. The main look for the show was a baby finger wave at the temples on otherwise straight hair. Each model’s hair was doused in Redken’s Gusts10 volumizing mousse and set with a blow dryer. A center part and Redken’s Quickdry 18 hairspray were the finishing touches on Recine’s hair creation.  



Redken products used at the Sally Lapointe Show: 

The hair and makeup looks typically compliment the designer’s collection and completes the entire feel of a designers collection. Both Rodney and Bob nailed the hair looks for each show. 

xo, Britney

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  • Jackie
    March 26, 2019

    Your hair looks fantastic! And what a fun experience to be backstage and get to witness and the craziness that goes on just before the show. Also, can I just say the actual stage for the runway looked super cool.
    Thanks for sharing.

    xo, Jackie

    • Pretty Little Hangers
      April 5, 2019

      Thank you Jackie! I agree, the Sally Lapointe runway was really cool with the neon lights. xoxo, Britney

  • Maria
    March 26, 2019

    I love your backstage video! I really like the matte finish. I prefer more natural over product heavy.

    xo, Maria

    • Pretty Little Hangers
      April 5, 2019

      I am usually such a product junkie, but I will say hairspray is my least favourite product. I can’t wait to see what some of the Redken stylists have planned for the shows in September! xoxo, Britney

  • Nina
    March 27, 2019

    Such a great experience!
    xx- Nina

    • Pretty Little Hangers
      April 5, 2019

      Thank you, it was definitely one of those pinch me moments! xoxo, Britney

  • Mai
    March 27, 2019

    I always miss fashion week every time it’s here even though I live in the city because I’m so busy! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it this fall. Glad you had a great time at NYFW :)!

    Mai ✰

    • Pretty Little Hangers
      April 5, 2019

      New York fashion week is one of my favs! You should definitely check out some shows in September! xoxo, Britney

  • Jessica
    March 29, 2019

    What a lovely post! Love the video dear, so fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica |

    • Pretty Little Hangers
      April 5, 2019

      Thank you Jess! More videos to come so stay tuned xoxo, Britney

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Backstage with Redken at NYFW