7 Black Creators You Should Follow Now

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We kicked off February celebrating Black History Month and rolled out a new spotlight series on Instagram where we are sharing resources like black charities to support, highlighting black-owned brands to shop, and bringing awareness to black pioneers in the fashion industry. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new series, don’t fret. We’ve created a highlight on Instagram titled black history for quick reference.

Trust us; it’s a no brainer that black voices should not only be amplified this month but also 365 days of the year. The amount of black talent that is left undiscovered in the influencer space is absolutely bananas and cringeworthy to us. That’s why we are celebrating black excellence and sharing seven black creators we’ve recently discovered or followed over the years whose talents are unparalleled and whose content is impactful and incredibly noteworthy below. Please scroll through and follow and support them.

    1. Asiyami Gold- We’ve been following Asiyami’s travel adventures and Instagram page for years. What we love most about Ms. Gold is her ability to weave her brand’s aesthetic throughout all of her photographs. She creates visual stories that captivate her audience and leave them wanting more. Not only is Asiyami a content creator, but she is also a professional photographer, owns a creative agency (Asiyami Gold), and manages an online boutique called AAU Shop. Considered a triple threat in the influencer industry, Asiyami is one to watch and follow. 

2. Rickey Thompson- Ricky Thompson is the breath of fresh air we are craving now more than ever. The Los Angeles based Youtube sensation not only serves up unforgettable fashion looks but also many laughs. We’re confident that his 5.7M Instagram followers would conclude that his comedic viral videos are entertaining and uplifting. We discovered one of Rickey’s viral videos titled Take Me Back to 2019 and have been addicted to his exuberant energy ever since.

3. Sasha Exeter– Before we had the privilege of meeting this Toronto based powerhouse, Sasha Exeter, we kept an eye out for her inspirational fitness posts. Her workout game is out of this world, and she has the toned physique to prove it. When she isn’t modeling for brands like Joe Fresh or Nike, you can find her immersed in parenthood and speaking out against racial injustices online. Sasha evokes fearlessness and would make a lovely addition to your following count.


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4. Ellie Delphine- Elizabeth isn’t afraid to style bold and daring looks and frequents fashion weeks around the world. If her street style shots don’t grab your attention, we’re positive her shoe collection will. While neutrals were a huge trend last year, we can see that bright colours are trending this year and will slowly take over our feeds. Elizabeth is at the forefront of this trend, having introduced vibrant colours and prints into her style over the years, which she attributes to her Caribbean heritage.


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5. Shelcy and Christy – Newer to our list of follows is Haitian sisters Shelcy and Christy. Not only does this dynamic sister duo share the most fire feminine silhouettes on Instagram, but they have a portfolio full of amazing brands backing them (hello Chloe, Tory Burch, and Net-a-Porter). Their authenticity and compelling visual storytelling are just two of the many reasons why we adore them. Besides creating content for their blog, NYCxClothes, the New York based sisters run an event company too. NYCxClothes & Friends was born so like-minded people could connect organically through curated events hosted by Shelcy and Christy. Keep up with the sisters on Instagram and Youtube.

6. Chrissy Rutherford- Chrissy Rutherford is serious goals for us. You’ve probably seen her strutting down the streets of Paris, Milan, and New York during fashion weeks of the past, but the launch of her consulting agency 2BG (‘2 Black Girls’) is what hit the mark with us. 2BG formed after Chrissy and her partner Danielle Prescod took to their social media pages to speak out on the Black Lives Matter Movement and educate their followers. What followed were viral videos, and both women receiving a ton of messages from brands and followers requesting guidance. Chrissy and Danielle created 2BG a week later as a result. 2BG specializes in crisis management solutions focusing on educating brands and influencers on ways to be more inclusive and diverse. Keep an eye out for 2BG’s next seminar here.

7. Catriona Smart- Catriona Smart is the co-founder of Halo PR Group and runs the lifestyle blog cocoandcowe.com. When this boss babe isn’t running a multifaceted business, you can find her planning events for companies like Remy Martin and Drake (yes, the six god himself). Catriona started a new podcast last year called Conversations with Coco and continues to balance a work mom life so effortlessly.



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