5 Ways To Manage Stress

The demands of life seem to be increasing our stress levels everyday especially with the challenges of social distancing guidelines, and maintaining our virtual social lives. It’s hard not to feel stressed out but prioritizing our wellbeing and figuring out ways to destress is essential now more than ever.

April marked the start of National Stress Awareness month which we are so here for!  Research reveals that when you reduce the amount of daily stressors in your life, “you have, better moods, emotional stability and overall superior health.” A great way to reduce stressors is to uncover how you induce stress for yourself, and create a de-stress routine that will keep you calm.

Easier said than done we know, but trust us once you show up for yourself and create a routine that works for you managing daily stress will be a breeze. Below are five things we do to de-stress.

  1. Limit Negative Self-Talk: This was an imperative step to get us on the right track to living a stress-free life. According to the Mayo Clinic self talk is, ” the endless stream of unspoken thoughts that run through your head.” Switching negative self-talk to positive affirmations that resonate with how you want to feel each day is beneficial to an optimistic mindset. We start our day with this positive affirmation podcast and repeat some of them throughout the day. If you keep a positive outlook on life no matter what unpleasant situations are thrown your way you will notice your attitude towards life will slowly shift attracting more abundance and less stress into your life.
  2. Journal: If attracting abundance and living a life full of gratitude is a priority than journaling can help you build those virtues. Studies show that gratitude goes along with feeling good, can lower stress and improve personal relationships. Journaling can help you practice gratitude daily by bringing your attention to all of the things you are grateful for in that moment which can help create a more positive mood and ultimately decrease feelings of stress.
  3. Create to-do lists: writing down daily and weekly to-do lists can limit the overwhelming feelings of stress. Being organized and prioritizing weekly targets will keep you focused and on track. Breaking down larger goals into smaller attainable goals with blocked amounts of time to complete each goal is a great way manage your tasks.  If you’re unsure of how to manage your time check out some of the top time management practises we use here.
  4. Move Your Body: Committing to following an intense exercise routine everyday just isn’t going to happen or us- we’ve accepted it. That’s why we’ve opted to schedule in time for daily movement each day as an alternative. This can be anything from quick walks outside, to doing stretches around the house. Whatever gets your heart rate up and your endorphins pumping is ideal. Not only can this boost your mood but it can also improve your overall wellness and health. So grab your EarPods, play your favorite song and get moving babes!
  5. Meditate: Meditation is one of the first practices we turn to to help us destress. It allows us to refocus our attention on the present moment without worries of the past or future. There are several free meditation apps and YouTube videos you can follow to help you manage the daily stressors of life. We love the streaming service Gaia and the app, Headspace. If sitting through 15-30 minutes of meditation seems challenging try setting a reminder to take time to do five minutes of breathe work instead.

What are some of the ways you manage stress?

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5 Ways To Manage Stress