5 At Home Work Out Essentials

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If there’s one positive thing we took away from 2020, it’s that we came to the realization we don’t need fancy equipment, a gym membership, or access to a boutique fitness class to get a good workout in. Yes, we’d be lying if we said we don’t miss sweating out a stressful workweek at a hot yoga class or casually meeting friends at the Fuel Bar at Barry’s Bootcamp for a quick Skinny B*tch shake. However, we realize the thing we miss most about going to the gym or a fitness class is interacting with other people, which seems so passé since we do most things virtually nowadays- thank the heavens for technology.

Over 365 days, we’ve learned that if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s world, you need to be innovative and make a few alterations to your training style. Figuring out which at-home workouts are best for you and what equipment you need to complete each move is the first step. Below are the seven at-home gym essentials we rely on to get our bodies hot and sweaty at home.

  1. Workout Apps:

Does anyone else miss having an instructor that motivates you to push yourself to achieve your fitness goals? We sure do! We have a solution for you, babes, workout apps. We can’t imagine what life would be like if we did not have a fitness app to turn to for inspiration videos and guidance from kickass trainers. They’re a great way to hold yourself accountable and get a good workout in. These are the workout apps and platforms we are currently rotating through weekly: GaiaMelissa Wood HealthNike Training ClubPeleton, and Alo Moves. Some of these apps are paid, subscription-based platforms, but trust us; they’re worth investing in. So grab a workout buddy, hop on a Zoom call and start increasing your heart rate together.

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2. Resistance Bands

If there’s one piece of equipment that offers excellent results, it’s the resistance band. These stretchy bands come in varying levels of resistance from light to heavy, and they are a great way to help strengthen your core and lengthen your body. If you’re still not sold, just remember they don’t take up much space in your home and are pretty inexpensive.

gym shark resistance bands
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3. Yoga Mat:

Yoga mats are an at-home fitness essential for us. We revisit our yoga mats a few times a week to tend to our inner selves, center our minds, and reground our lives. Yoga is a great way to de-stress, so we highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you follow a strict stay-at-home mandate like us right now.

Lululemon yoga mat
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4. Dumbbells

Weights are a staple at any gym, and we are huge believers that this piece of gym equipment should be a staple at home too. We’re not saying you need to go out and purchase an entire range of dumbbells, but perhaps investing in a set of adjustable dumbbells is best so that when you graduate to the next weight category, you can adjust accordingly. If you’re looking to build strength or increase the level of your workouts from beginner to expert, then dumbbells are an essential addition to your at-home gym.

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5. Kettlebells

If you’re looking for a complete body-toning workout, reach for a kettlebell. Are you familiar with these heavy cast iron balls with a top handle? Trust us, we weren’t familiar with them either until we started a circuit training class a couple of years back. We quickly learned they are not as intimidating as they look. In fact, some of the exercises we love to do, like single-arm swings, incorporate kettlebells. Just a heads up, prepare to be sore the next day if you use these babies!

kettle bell workout
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Disclaimer* Take time to learn how to use each piece of equipment. Consult with a trainer or professional if you’re unsure how to complete a workout or operate the equipment.

What is your favorite at-home piece of fitness equipment?  

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  • Molly
    January 25, 2021

    Great essentials! I really got out of my exercise game over the holiday season and struggling to get back to it, need to download some of those apps!

    Molly – https://volumesofbeauty.com/

    • Pretty Little Hangers
      February 4, 2021

      Thank you for reading Molly! Let us know if you try out any of the apps we shared!

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