My Most Worn Accessories

trendy gold accessories

You can never have too many accessories, from statement necklaces to stackable rings, and dainty bracelets, I love them all. I get a tone of messages from readers asking about my jewelry, so I want to share my most worn jewelry pieces. I usually rotate through the same accessories regularly, but opt to add a few trendier pieces into the mix each season. I love layering pieces together like rings and pendant necklaces. Gold is my metal of choice, and I typically gravitate towards pendant necklaces and delicate hoops.

Accessorizing can be quite overwhelming; however, if you stick with purchasing timeless pieces or investing in pieces that you know you will have for years, you really can’t go wrong. In an ideal world, having a fine jewelry collection would be ideal; however, my budget does not allow for this, so I usually mix fine jewelry with costume pieces. I find that my go-to pieces are versatile and go with most outfits, which makes each piece very easy to style with looks every day.

These are the jewelry styles that are currently on rotation:

  1. Earrings:

Hoops- hoops are having a major moment in fashion right now. Fashion ‘it’ girls are donning all types of hoops from small hoops like these to textured hoops like these. Hoops can add some edge to an otherwise polished look, and most fashionistas will probably agree that there is nothing more satisfying than upgrading your look with accessories.


Studs- studs are always my go-to earrings of choice, especially when traveling. I am obsessed with designer studs like these Versace gold-platted Medusa studs and classic diamond studs like these Swarovski studs.

gold stud earrings with halo

Swarovski Gold-Tone Stud Earrings


Ear Huggies- Another earring style I wear regularly is the ear huggie. Adorned with gems, crystals, and often diamonds, this earring style can add sparkle to an otherwise basic earring and are a great choice for everyday earrings.

2. Necklaces:

Pendants– I wore a tone of pendant necklaces throughout my childhood. Most of the cross pendants I wear today are from my Communion and Baptism and are so special to me. Pendant necklaces are fun to layer and style. Try pairing two pendants on one chain or layering necklaces of different lengths to showcase a beautiful collection of styles.

Bold chains– Chain necklaces are the new statement necklaces of 2020. This jewelry trend is here to stay and can easily elevate a simplistic look. If you want to create a dramatic look, try layering multiple chain necklaces together, but opt to keep the rest of your accessories very minimal.

3. Rings:

Dainty rings- I am completely obsessed with dainty rings and stacking different styles to enhance a look. Pairing a variety of shapes, gemstones, and metals can complement a summer manicure so beautifully too. I love a delicate band like this Swarovski band that is not loud but draws just enough attention to your well-curated ring collection.

delicate gold diamond band

Swarovski Vittore Band

4. Bracelets:

Link bracelets-  Link bracelets are timeless, and you can wear this style every day. Choose from a variety of chain link sizes and add a dazzling accent piece like a charm or stone-like this coin.

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My Most Worn Accessories