Friday’s Pretty Little Finds

When you’re going to LA for two weeks packing light is not an option. I’m travelling to Calfornia this evening and I’m beyond excited to see family and friends while I live it up at The Hotel California…such a lovely place! When I travel to the west coast, I tend to incorporate more boho pieces and items with bright colours into the outfits that I bring with me. Maybe it’s the sun or better yet maybe California’s beautiful sunsets inspire me. Nonetheless, I’m sure there will be plenty of inspiration around, but before I jet off, here’s a list of pretty little finds i’ve been lusting after… Enjoy! xo

Favorite Find: {Adult Colouring Book}

Favorite Jacket: {H&M Coat}


Favorite Shoe: {Sam Edelman Yardley Lace- Up}

Favorite Daydream: 

Favorite Laugh:


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