Black Owned Brands to Shop Now and Forever

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imperial 24k face mask

Photo Credit: Foxie Cosmetics 

Did anyone else hope that 2020 would be the best year yet? A fresh decade to adopt a different outlook on life, plan big goals and master new things? I did too, until this year came tumbling down on me like a pile of bricks. Twenty-twenty has been a year of many challenges and unexpected plot twists to say the least. However, most of the lessons highlighted throughout this year are a testament to our ability to adapt as human beings and understand what’s most important in life- like our health, family and showing compassion and kindness to others.

Besides dealing with an ongoing global pandemic, other important issues were brought to the forefront in 2020, one of these being the systemic injustices that the black community face on a daily basis. Eye-opening conversations about the lack of inclusivity for black people in America were highlighted, resulting in uncomfortable yet thought provoking conversations as a result. From racist corporate culture to non-inclusive media representation, the lack of inclusion and oppression towards the black community is becoming more evident especially in the fashion industry today.

Remember when we told you we were going to spill the tea about some of the brands lacking diversity in the fashion industry? We are no longer here for these brands (which make of the latter half of the items in our closets), but we are happy to expose some of the fashion brands that “expressed solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement” yet lacked diversity within their campaigns and company… eh hem Zimmerman and Reformation. So grab a napkin sugar, we have a lot of piping hot tea that’s practically ready to overflow.  

pink and purple luxe bra

  1. Reformation: A former employee of Reformation accused the company of entertaining a racist and exclusionary corporate culture. Though the CEO, Yael Alfalo resigned from her role at the company, Reformation still has a lot of work to do to show their support of the black community. Updating its online platforms to show a range of diversity and altering its internal company practises is a start.
  2. Zimmermann: According to Diet Prada, this Australian brand has been racially insensitive towards its retail employees. Zimmerman’s brand guidelines and grooming standards were called out and were clearly not being inclusive to the black community. These microaggressions are not uncommon towards black people within America, and unfortunately this isn’t the first time a luxury ready-to- wear brand has not pulled up for minorities. 
  3. Ferragamo: allegations made by actor, Tommy Dorfman about Ferragamo being racist came to light in the media. Dorfman accused the company of featuring a limited number or minorities in their campaigns and also being transphobic, body phobic and racist. 

These are just a few of the brands that were called out for not supporting the black community over the past few months. However, with the bad usually comes the good and in this particular situation it was the aid in amplifying and supporting black owned businesses and brands. Here is a list of some of my current favorite black owned businesses that you can familiarize yourself with and shop from. 

  1. KNC Beauty I’ve always been a huge fan of Kristen Crawley’s natural lip masks. What initially drew me to KNC beauty masks were how cute these natural collagen infused masks looked when applied to the lips. Some additional KNC products available include: eye masks, lip balms, and most recently sheet masks.
KNC beauty
Photo Credit: @kncbeauty

2.  Local European this sustainable womenswear brand uses deadstock fabrics to reduce the brands carbon footprint. The designer, Alexandra Bunch, hopes that Local European will set an example for other brands and customers to consume mindfully.  This brand encompasses my everyday style with elevated basics like this crewneck sweater, and this flirty slip dress

cream crew neck sweatshirt
Photo Credit: Local European

3. Oma the Label – This jewelry line sums up my taste in jewelry pieces pieces perfectly. From gold rope chain necklaces, to pave ear huggies, I am lusting over Oma. Most pieces from Oma the Label can be styled with everyday looks which I love, especially pieces like the bente hoops and the Phoenix ring.

white one shoulder bodysuit
Photo Credit: Oma the Label

4. Liha A natural and organic skincare line that mixes West African botanicals with English aromatherapy and remedies.  Liha’s products are free from parabens and cruelty free which is always a plus in my books due to my ultra sensitive skin.

Liha Beauty Idan Oil
Photo Credit: Liha Beauty

5. Foxie Cosmetics Vogue magazine said it best, Foxie cosmetics is “the perfect treat for you or a loved one. Unique self care for everyone!” The Foxie cosmetics ethical lifestyle choice aims to be sustainable and fair with products like bath bombs, and cleanser balms that are cruelty and vegan free.  All of Kayla’s products are handcrafted and freshly packaged in Nashville.

foxie cosmetics serum
Photo Credit: Foxie Cosmetics

6. Melanie Marie Collection this jewelry line offers customizable options for nameplates and pendant necklaces like these from the Africa collection that come in a three piece set. Melanie’s pieces are definitely gram worthy and oh so timeless.

name tag necklaces
Photo Credit: Allure
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Black Owned Brands to Shop Now and Forever